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A single platform to issue and manage all your electronic invoices

Generación, envío, trazabilidad y custodia de sus facturas

Creation, dispatch, traceability and custody of your invoices

Firma, encriptación y subida al portal FACe de la Administración Pública

Signature, encryption and uploading to the FACe portal belonging to the Public Administration

Reducción de costes de impresión, envío, almacenaje y ciclos de tramitación

Reduced printing, dispatch and storage costs, as well as shorter processing cycle

Expedite the digital transformation of your paper invoices

The European tax authorities are regulating to have greater and more accurate tax control of economic transactions between natural and legal persons, particularly in the issuing of invoices between the latter and the Public Administration. In addition, the European Union is promoting the digital transformation of European economic bodies with the use of electronic invoicingand European standards such as UBL.

In Spain, paper invoices are currently issued between private organisations and in electronic format with the Public Administration. The main problem of paper invoicing is the inability to ensure 100% complete security and legitimacy, since printed invoices are susceptible to tax fraud. Also, it involves huge costs for companies in terms of printing, dispatch and storage; as well as reduced productivity in administrative processes, such as, for example, searching for invoices before a tax inspection.

To solve these problems and help companies in the process of digitalising their paper invoices, MailTecK & Customer Comms are offering their customers the Mail-efactura solution supported on the Communicalia platform. This comprehensive solution covers the full cycle of issuing and distribution to customers, both natural and legal persons, including public bodies with portals such as FACe, of electronic invoices with proprietary or delegated digital signature and their storage and custody on Communicalia.

The Mail-efactura solution has full legal validity, adapted to Law 25/2013, of 27 December, on the promotion of electronic invoicing and the creation of an accounting record of invoices in the Public Sector; as well as Royal Decree 1619/2012, of 30 November, which regulates invoicing obligations.

You will be able to use our solution with invoices:



E-invoice adapted to the Public Administration:

  • Mass creation and signing based on the customer’s data file.

  • Format e-invoice 3.2.1 or higher.

  • Xades Signature EPES compatible with the Treasury.

  • Signature via proprietary certificate or delegated signature.

  • Validation of regime, accounting and signature, prior to uploading to the FACe portal.

  • Creation and dispatch of loading log in FACe, linking the registration ID to the invoice.

  • Possibility of incorporating the invoice in PDF format as an annex to the e-invoice file for more efficient and faster validation by the recipient body.



E-invoice adapted to consumers:

  • Creation of invoices in PDF format based on our customer’s data file.

  • Creation of additional information in e-invoice XML format.

  • Mass signature process for PDF and XML invoices with digital certificate of our customer or of Customer Comms.

  • Automated dispatch to consumers of the invoices signed by the channel established by our customer (email, SMS).

  • Online digital custody of invoices, and their availability to consumers, in the infrastructure of our customer or Customer Comms.

  • Immediate access to invoices, both for consumers and for the Contact Centre of our customers.



E-invoice adapted to companies:

  • Automated creation of invoices in XML format.

  • Integration and automation of the full process of sending and receiving invoices through FACeB2B.

  • Comprehensive management of invoices through the integration of Customer Comms with FACeB2B:

    • Issuing of invoices.

    • Invoice status information.

    • Invoice cancellation.

    • Invoice download.

    • Invoice status modification.

    • The FACeB2B system will guard the invoices presented until the invoice is downloaded by the recipient.

Characteristics of a B2G process with full security

Process and create the e-invoice file

Process and create the e-invoice file for the Public Administration in XML format with version for each Autonomous Community

Embedding in the e-invoice

Embedding in the (XML) e-invoice of the encrypted PDF result in Base 64

Produce all documents in electronic format

Produce all documents in electronic format (PDF, XML, XSIG)

Report and traceability

Report and traceability of all actions carried out until uploading to FACe and invoice status (cancelled, paid, rejected or in progress)

Validate the data

The Public Administration may validate the data by downloading an annex to the e-invoice from FACe

Sign, encrypt and upload e-invoices to the FACe

Sign, encrypt and upload e-invoices to the FACe portal through API from our Communicalia platform


A single platform to manage and issue all
electronic invoices B2G, B2C and B2B

Esquema plataforma Maile-factura

Benefits for
your company

  • Greater speed in creating, sending and receiving invoices.
  • Centralised management of all channels from a single transactional file.
  • Significant reduction in printing and mailing costs.
  • Shortens processing cycles, and therefore, expedites collection.
  • Facilitates access to the history of stored invoices.
  • Ability to guarantee the authenticity of documents.
  • Legal compliance with Spanish and European regulations.
  • Constant adaptation to the modifications and requirements of FACe.

We protect your company’s data

Certificación ISO 27001

We have the ISO 27001 certification that guarantees us as guarantor of the security in the processing of your data. In this manner, only authorized users can access the data without risking integrity and confidentiality.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation

We are part of the group of trusted service providers of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation for certified communications, electronic contracting, certified web publication and digital custody in accordance with European eIDAS regulations.



Proprietary platform for the digital transformation of your paper invoices



Encryption, storage and custody of your electronic invoices

Adapted to the Public Administration

Adapted to the Public Administration

Mass automated uploading and constant adaptation to FACe requirements

Maximum productivity

Maximum productivity

A single supplier for issuing, distribution and digital custody


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