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bito This cookie is generally provided by and is used for advertising purposes. The main objective of this cookie is: Segmentation / Advertising. It establishes a unique identifier for the visitor that allows external advertisers (third parties) to target the visitor with relevant advertising. This combined service is provided by advertising centers, which provide real-time offers to advertisers.
bitoIsSecure Used to present relevant content and advertising to the visitor - The service is provided by groups of external advertising providers, who provide real-time offers to advertisers
Google Analitycs

To obtain more information regarding this type of cookies, you can obtain more information by consulting the document “Use of Google Analytics cookies on websites”

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__cfduid The "__cfduid" cookie is set by the CloudFlare service to identify trusted web traffic. It does not correspond to any user id in the web application, nor does it save any personally identifiable data.
_ga Internal measurement with Google Analytics. These cookies store a unique identifier to recognize the user on future visits to the website.
_gat_gtag_UA_126521787_2 Google Analytics - Used to speed up the application rate.
_gat_UA-129507499-1 The _gat_UA cookie contains the identity number (_gat_ <***>) of the Google Analytics account or website.
_gid Internal measurement with Google Analytics.

Data Protection

In accordance with the provisions of both Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27th April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR) and also Act 3/2018 of 5th December on the Protection of Personal Data and the Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPD-GDD) and other data protection regulations in force, Users of the website, who have voluntarily expressed their consent for the processing of personal data in a free, clear and unequivocal manner by ticking the box "Data Protection Policy", are hereby informed that their data will be processed in accordance with the company they are registered with, either by the company MAILTECK, S.A. or by the company CUSTOMER COMMUNICATIONS TECKNALIA, S.L., which shall be jointly referred to as GRUPO MAILCOMMS.

Data controller 1 MAILTECK, S.A. -> Read more
NIF: A-31501901
Address: Avenida de la Recomba nº 14 – 28914 – Leganés, Madrid
Telephone: 913 044 941
Contact with DPO:
Data controller 2 Customer Communications Tecknalia, S.L. -> Read more
Owner: Customer Communications Tecknalia, S.L.
NIF: B-86414000
Address: Avenida de la Recomba nº 12-14 - 28914 Leganés (Madrid)
Telephone: 91 689 56 65
Contact with DPO:
Purpose To provide requested information and manage contact with potential customers -> Read more
At GRUPO MAILCOMMS, the information that you have provided has been collected by one of the GRUPO MAILCOMMS companies, in order to manage and process the request made:
GRUPO MAILCOMMS will only process the data provided for the purposes described above and they will not be further processed in a way incompatible with those purposes.

In order to be able to offer you products and services according to your interests and to improve your user experience, we will produce a “commercial profile”, based on the information provided. However, automated decisions will not be made based on that profile.

The personal data provided will be kept as long as the commercial relationship is maintained, or its deletion is not requested by the interested party, for a period of 5 years from the last confirmation of interest.
Legitimacy Consent of the interested party -> Read more
The data subject, by providing their data through the channels that the GRUPO MAILCOMMS companies facilitate to collect contact information (contact form, commercial visit, etc.).
Recipients Collaborating companies -> Read more
  • Collaborating and participated companies for commercial purposes.
  • By legal requirement when a rule so requires.
Rights You may exercise your rights in the legally established manner and terms -> Read more
  • General confirmation: Any person is entitled to obtain confirmation on whether GRUPO MAILCOMMS are processing personal data that concerns them.
  • ARCO Rights: Interested persons have the right to access their personal data, as well as to request the rectification of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, request its deletion when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.
  • Limitation of the processing: In certain circumstances, the interested parties may request the limitation of the processing of their data, in which case we will only keep them for the exercise or defence of legal claims.
  • Objection to processing: In certain circumstances and or reasons relating to their particular situation, the interested parties may object to the processing of their data.
    Therefore, GRUPO MAILCOMMS will stop processing the data, except for compelling legitimate grounds, or the exercise or defence of potential legal claims.
  • Portability of the data: In certain circumstances and or reasons relating to their particular situation, the interested parties may request to receive the personal data provided in the contact form, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transmit those data to another data controller without hindrance.
  • Claim before a public body: if your right to protection of personal data is violated, you can file a claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (
  • Channel to exercise your rights: Data subjects may exercise their rights recognised in the regulations against and before each of the data controllers, via the addresses enabled as DPO in the section «Data Controller».
Additional information More information about Data Protection -> Read more
  • Personal data has been obtained from the channels that GRUPO MAILCOMMS companies provide to collect contact information (Contact form, Commercial visit, etc.)
  • The categories of data to be processed are identification data (name, surname(s), email, etc.)
  • GRUPO MAILCOMMS, doesn’t process especially protected data

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